How can I support?

You can support the people on the move and oppose the dehumanizing government’s practices in various ways. How to do it you will find out during the events of the tour, but if you can only help with material products, below is the list. What is mainly needed though, is unfortunately money…

To event locations please bring only the small things, such as smartphones, powerbanks, charged sim cards, and yeah, cash.

To support people in the forests we need:

  • powerbanks
  • smartphones (+ charged sim cards)
  • little stoves with gas bottles
  • survival tents and kits + anti blizzard covers
  • survival food packages
  • warm clothing for winter, in dark colours (thermo sets, softshell/goretex and alike jackets and trousers)
  • sleeping bags
  • waterproof shoes

Those in detention centers need:

  • smartphones without camera (+ sim cards)
  • shoes without laces
  • instant noodles, pasta, rice
  • clothes (hoodies, sweatpants, jackets)